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Alassio ... The Ligurian Riviera di Ponente most dynamic centre! A place where the scent of the sea blends with that of fun. Sun, beach and entertainment loved by the young have made the "City of Muretto" a real cool summer destination.

Along with San Remo and Portofino, is one of Liguria's glamour capitals.

Alassio By Day Alassio By Night

The beach of Alassio extends about 4 km and joins with the neighboring town of Laigueglia. The sand is fine and has a shallow bottom suitable for tourists of all ages.
The famous "budello" (lane) that runs through the center is now considered the longest shopping mall of Europe (2 km) full of stores,shops, boutiques and restaurants for all tastes and budgets. Among the recommended: Osteria Mezzaluna, L'Astigiana, Clapsi, Panana, Lamberti, La Prua, La Palma.
Do not miss the ice cream, the slush, the famous Baci di Alassio and the typical Ligurian focaccia.

In addition to the characheristic old town, here some places to visit:

- The Church of St. Ambrose, built in the eleventh century and partly rebuilt in the seventeenth century, it houses precious works of Liguria great masters of Liguria;

- the Marina, located in the East of the city. it also has a bar, restaurant and a nightclub. A characteristic votive chapel dominates the view of the harbor.

- The Church of the Madonna delle Grazie, dating from the thirteenth century, which has undergone several renovations over the past centuries;

- The famous Muretto of Alassio, with more than 550 tiles autographed by VIP;

- Museum of Natural Sciences San Giovanni Bosco, in which are preserved many fossils and reconstructions of prehistoric animals;

- Art Gallery "LEVI" at Palazzo Morteo, with 22 works by Carlo Levi (1902-1975), writer-painter from Turin, who had chosen Alassio as summer residence.

- The Church of Santa Croce, situated along the ancient route of the Roman road and built in the eleventh century by Benedictine monks.

- The West Gallery with the works of painter Richard Whateley West (1848-1905), who lived from 1888 in Alassio and drew inspiration for his works by the light and dreamy landscapes of the Ligurian coast.

There are also many natural beauties in the entire Bay of the Sun, such as beaches and headlands overlooking the sea.

Alassio By night

The town of Alassio is an increasingly fashionable destination, beloved by young people who are always ready for "aperitivo"on the promenade, dinners in the restaurants on the beach, glamorous nights in the disco for dancing and fun under the stars.
Summer slips through outdoor clubs, large themed parties, evenings of music and entertainment in many summer arenas. The nightlife often ends with sitting on the beach awaiting the sunrise of the next day in one of the most chic and sophisticated Liguria seaside resort.
Alassio is the City of Fun, but always within the rules and respect for others

Even in winter the most characteristic and historical clubs never close. Moreover evenings at theater, concerts, cultural events, exhibitions, cinema and a constant up-to-date to keep in line with the most exclusive trends. Among the discos, clubs and lounge bars not to be missed : Le Vele, Joy, Spotti, U Brecche, Corsara Beach, Discoteca Al Porto, La Suerte, Baba Beach e Essaouira.

Finally Alassio is a showcase for some of the most important national events: Miss wet t-shirt and Miss Muretto whiche are two of the most famous Italian beauty contests.

Movida and Beauty are always protagonist here!

Alassio By Day

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