How large are your fixed pitches?
It depends; we have pitches from a minimum of 60 m2 up to 150 m2. The average is around 75 m2

What can I install in the pitches?
The new Regional Law (2011) allows the installation of prefabricated and mobile homes of area equal to 50% of size of the pitch. The installation of pre-entrance remains limited to 15 m2.

There are strict rules about the type of pre-entrance, mobile home or prefabricated that can be installed?
Yes. There is an internal regulation that governs these things

What do you offer in the pitches?
Electric connection (up to 3kw with counter), white and black waters, personal sink, safety railing.

Do you have sea view?
Yes. Since almost all our pitches are on terraces, each pitch has a beautiful sea view.

Our Park is enclosed and during the winter is accessible only by a gate electrically operated by remote or by card. A guardian lives in the park all year round

How long is your subscription?
Our membership is for 1 year and is renewed annually by mutual agreement with our host.

How are your payment terms?
Advance of 30% in September
2nd installment of 35% at Easter
3rd installment of 35% in July

Should I be afraid of disproportionate increases?
No. Our increases are generally in line with inflation and the economic situation.

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