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Much more than just the beach

Places to visit :

THE CAVES OF TOIRANO just 10 km from us: a must to visit, open to public since 1953, a wonderful attraction for the whole family. Voucher at reception on the price of the tickets. We recommend the visit during the days of rain or bad weather.

Don't miss also the caves of Borgio Verezzi discovered in 1933 by three kids, but no one realized the importance of the discovery until 1951 when a caver began the systematic exploration of the cave and then realized the current tourist itinerary inaugurated in 1970. This track is long 800 meters. in large rooms. Thanks to the presence of various minerals of many different shades (white, yellow, red), these caves are the most colorful of Italy. To reach them take the Via Aurelia until Pietra Ligure and then follow the signs to the caves (about 10 Km).

Old characteristic villages (in the hinterland)
The most beautiful villages are those of the Ligurian hinterland and you will be surprised by the beauty and lack of tourist contamination. Often you will be the only tourists and you'll wonder why!

CastelVecchio (Sv) »
Castellbianco (Sv) »
Zuccarello (Sv) »
Borgio Verezzi Sv) »
FinalBorgo (Sv) »


Varigotti (SV) »
Laigueglia (Sv) »
Cervo (Im) »

For those who know English here is a book we wrote (in English) to attract interest in our villages.
We recommend it! Alassio and Surroundings.pdf »

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