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Camper / Caravan Pitches

Monti e Mare has a rather limited availability for campers and caravans (only 10 pitches). Given our uphill road we will only accept caravans with a max length of 7 m.

The pitches are situated in a very panoramic position but distant from the sea. From our entrance (50 m from the sea) you must take the road through the park where you'll meet an uphill with about a 6 curves (we recommend the driver of the caravan to take a look at Googlemaps where he can see the location of the pitches). We do not recommend our pitches for those families with small children and enderly couples are the hike up might be too demanding.

The pitches, nice and with electricity and individual sink, are located about 400 meters from our entrance. The facilities are about 100m from the pitches. We accept guests until h 20 (with some exceptions if agreed in advance)

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